The library accommodates students for free and provides them with space and academic resources which they use for their research and studies. In the morning the students normally do their personal reading up to noon.

In the afternoon, we have a volunteer instructor who guides and coaches the students every day from Monday to Friday as from 2 pm-3 pm. As of 1st September 2020, we shall be having computer classes every day from Monday-Friday, from 3 pm-5 pm, and later on, have life skills and indoor games from 5 pm -6 pm.

As time goes by and amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the library’s attendance has gone up as many students have continued to join us.


We currently have 86 library members with at least half of them attending the library on a daily basis, while the library’s capacity as at now can only sustain 30 students. This has forced some of them to read while standing while some look for alternative ways such as sitting on jerricans.

We however look forward to doing further expansion that will look to it that we can accommodate as many students as possible in the near future.